• Tumblr Girl: Boys are so ugly and stupid lol. There's like maybe 5 hot guys and the rest of you are hideous.
  • Guy: Hey now, that's not very nice to say.
  • Tumblr Girl: Too bad. Women have it way worse in the real world when it comes to body image so a few jokes isn't gonna hurt you!
  • Guy: Men suffer from body image issues too you know. It's not just a woman thing believe it or not. How would you feel if I said those kind of things about girls? 'Girls are so ugly and stupid lol. There's maybe like 5 hot girls and the rest are hideous.'
  • Tumblr Girl: How dare you. That's horribly sexist and misogynistic!
  • Guy: I agree. But how come if you just switch the genders, it's okay?
  • Tumblr Girl: Because girls have it worse than all guys.
  • Guy: How do you know? Have you ever asked all guys about their self-esteem?
  • Tumblr Girl: No. But I have body image issues and I don't like when people make me feel ugly.
  • Guy: Neither do I.
  • Tumblr Girl: Oh well, this website is supposed to be a safe space for girls to vent their problems!
  • Guy: Why do you have to tear down others just to build yourself up? Aren't you a feminist? Isn't feminism supposed to be about equality?
  • Tumblr Girl: Yes, feminism is about equality and respect.
  • Guy: Then why are you saying that it's now okay for girls to make fun of guys but not the other way around? That doesn't sound like equal treatment, that sounds like you want special treatment.
  • Tumblr Girl: ......
  • Guy: Why do you think fighting fire with fire is going to solve anything? When has that ever worked? All it does is perpetuate cruelty and mistreatment.
  • Tumblr Girl: Well... because I'm angry!...?
  • Guy: I understand, but that doesn't mean you have the right to hurt others for no reason. How would you feel if someone treated you badly over things you can't control?
  • Tumblr Girl: I would feel bad.
  • Guy: Yeah. So isn't there the golden rule - treat others the way you want to be treated?
  • Tumblr Girl: Yeah, I guess so.
  • Guy: So how about you start treating others the way you want to be treated instead of being a jerk all of the time and trying to justify it.


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Famous Women Point Out Exactly Why Leaking Nude Photos Is So Very Wrong

This past Sunday, a 4chan user posted nude and revealing photos online, supposedly hacked from the iCloud accounts of numerous female celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Lea Michele and more. While some outlets have reported this leak as a juicy celebrity “scandal,” it’s more accurately described as a sex crime.

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